The HSCP Education and Development Advisory Group acknowledge a range of benefits obtained from engaging in CPD activities. These include but are not limited to the following;


Benefits to the client:

·         The client receives a high quality, best practice -based service

·         Increased confidence in the healthcare service.


Benefits to the Professional

·         Improves confidence in delivery of professional service.

·         Reduces the probability of adverse incidents in clinical practice

·         Promotes and maintains competence to practice

·         Improves satisfaction with work role

·         Promotes lifelong learning

·         Provides structure and support for the health professional and for his or her valued goals

·         It enhances career opportunities.


Benefits to the organisation:

·         Contributes to meeting the increasing demand for accountability, flexibility and a skilled and competent workforce.

·         Reduces the probability of adverse incidents occurring in service provision

·         Improves inter-professional working

·         Meets organisational objectives.

·         Improves staff motivation and morale.

·         Contributes to Quality Assurance.


Benefits to the profession:

·         Enhances the status of profession

·         Promotes research and evidence based practice increasing professional recognition.

·         Provide stakeholders with evidence of the professions commitment to a high quality service.